999,999 miles

"Jenna asks us if we'd take a drive with her, so we all get in the car, our hearts thudding in off beat unison and as we drive, silence settles in. I didn't imagine it would end like this, I didn't imagine it ending at all, but if they were going to tell me about the divorce, what a way to do it. In the back seat, I think about how lucky we were to have had this family, their 20 years of marriage, my 15 with them. I don't want this life to end, Jenna starts to talk. She tells me that our car, our SUV, is just 13 miles away from reaching 100,000 miles now. I wonder if this is part of the divorce speech or just part of the distraction. She tells me the reason we took this ride, is so that we could all be there to reach 100,000 miles together, as the people who matter in her life. Slowly, I come to the realization that this isn't a breakup ride, this is a stay together ride. We're in the car, and we're driving on a Tuesday night, and we are 99,987 miles in. We stop for onion rings and sundaes, keep driving. 99, 993 miles, Stevie Nicks. 99,996 Miles, Elton John. When we get to 999,999 miles we hold hands, blast Melissa Etheridge, and sing 'Lucky' at the top of our lungs. There are too many reasons that my mamas found love in each others presence. There are too many moments when we are unbreakable, and in this moment, we are one family. Constructing road as we go, burning bridges behind us, adding mileage like graceful aging. Driving in our SUV towards moonlight." - The Fosters

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